General TENS

Interestingly, the use of electrical stimulation in the body is traced back to Ancient Rome 63 AD? Crazy to think that this is where it all began when it was discovered that pain could be relieved by standing on electrical fish! Thankfully we have moved on from electrical fish to a much more sophisticated method. 

People all over the world use TENS for pain relief. Have you ever been to a physiotherapist? If you have, most likely you have used TENS. It's pretty simple when you think about it, in a nutshell the TENS machine sends electrical pulses through the skin via electrode pads. Then your nerves send a message to your brain where your natural pain relieving endorphins are released = pain relief in its most natural form! It also does other things like reduce inflammation and swelling and increase blood circulation. 

Some people only need to use the TENS for 40 minutes a day, depending on your injury or level of pain, TENS can be discreetly worn all day. We have wonderful success stories where by people have managed to reduce their pain medication under the supervision of their doctor with the use of TENS. 

We are really proud to have one of Australia's greatest professional rugby league footballers Trent Merrin, supporting our TENS products. Trent's experience is a great example of the benefit of TENS used to support his recovery from injuries. Follow Trent on Facebook to see how TENS works for him @trentmerrin13 . 

A general TENS such as the Smart TENS and Elle TENS+ can be used to manage all types of pain in different areas of the body from back pain to arthritis and even sciatica. Not sure how TENS works?  Click here and we will explain.