Health Insurance Rebates

TENS Machines commonly attract rebates from health insurance providers. Each provider has a different policy of course and this can change frequently. There are also different claiming processes from provider to provider.

We have provided the most recent rebate information on some of the more popular private health providers. Please inform us as part of your order so we can send you the appropriate receipt for claiming your rebate.

Do I need a doctors referral?

Many health providers require a letter of support from your doctor so it is wise to have this in advance.

What if TENS isn’t mentioned in my health insurance policy?

Be aware that a TENS machine may also be referred to a Health Aid or Health Appliances in your policy or may help to communicate with your health provider directly.

Updated: Aug 2022

Health Insurance Providers

The below list of providers and rebates were correct at time of publishing. Please ensure you check directly with your insurer for up-to-date rates, to verify your personal level of cover and any other mandatory requirements included.


Top Extras – 70% back. Our BUPA provider number is: EP00566.

Medibank Private

Advantage Plus, Premium Plus, Smart Plus and Healthy Plus Policies can receive 100% rebate (depending on unclaimed bonus points).


Multi Cover Extras – $170 rebate.


If you are a NIB/GU customer please note our provider number is: 10173699


Our HBF provider number is B34368

Defence Health

Premier Extras – Up to $1,500 Value Extras – Up to $1,000

Teachers Health

Top Extras cover – $160 rebate.

Police Health Fund

Extras Cover – 80% or $150 rebate.

Teachers Union Health

Ultimate Choice – Easy Choice and Ancillary Cover – 85% rebate.

Queensland Country Health

Private Hospital Cover – 85% rebate.

St Lukes Health

Select Plus Extras Cover – 80% or $200.

ACA Health Benefits Fund

Complete Ancillary – 80% of cost up to $500 per policy.

West Fund

Platinum Cover – $200. Silver Extras Cover – $150 rebate.

Australia Unity Health Limited

Active Extras – 70% back up to $400 combined limit.

CUA Health

Top Extras – 80% of cost up to $800.


Mid Extras – 100% back up to $100 annually, every 3 years. Mid Extras 65% – 65% back up to $100 annually, every 3 years. Top 70 – 7% to 100% back depending on item, up to $500.

Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF)

Advanced Extras – 75% back up to $500. Top Extras – 75% back up to $800.

Latrobe Health Services

Core Complete Extras – 70% back up to $200 per person every 3 years. Premier Family Extras – 65% back up to $500 every 2 years. Premier Singles & Couples – 65% back up to %500 every 2 years. Premier Extras – 90% back up to $250 per person every 3 years.

Mildura Health Fund

5 Star Extras – $20 every 3 years. Mid Extras – $150 every 3 years. Base Extras – $125 every 3 years.

Qantas Health Insurance

Top Extras – 75% back up to $500.

Peoplecare Health Insurance

Premium Extras – 80% back up to $700 every 3 years. High Extras – 70% back up to $500 every 3 years.

*If you are a Medibank customer, Medibank have advised your claim will need to be completed via shopfront or by mail.

* If you are a Defence Health customer, please claim through the mobile app, email or via post. The portal cannot be used for this type of claim and no provider number is required.

People are often surprised to hear that rebates are available on TENS through Private Health Insurance Cover.

There are a few caveats around that though – all Private Health Insurance companies are different, some have unique requirements when claiming and also individuals tend to have different levels of cover depending on their personal circumstances. Please check in with your insurer so you understand their requirements for a smooth claims process.

What will my rebate be?

Firstly, please check with your insurer to avoid disappointment.

To give you an idea of rebates here are some examples which were correct at time of publishing, again please check directly with your insurer for up to date rates and verify your level of cover and their requirements such as a doctors letter etc.

So how do you get the right information?

The best place to find out what rebate you might be entitled to is through your own insurer. Be aware that the person answering the phone may not know what a TENS is but they will be familiar with Health Aids or Appliances which is sometimes what TENS is categorised as.

What other supporting information might my insurer ask for?

When claiming your rebate, your insurer may ask for a letter of support from your doctor,

If you are a BUPA customer, they will require a provider number from the retailer. We are a BUPA Recognised provider and can provide a compliant receipt for your purchase. Our BUPA provider number is: EP00566*

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