Pelvic Floor Stimulator for Continence Care

Our award winning Elle TENS SensaTone Pelvic Floor Stimulator puts you back in control of your Life.

Incontinence – what is this big bad scary word? Whether you are male or female, at some stage in your life you or your loved one will be touched by incontinence.

Incontinence is a term that describes any accidental or involuntary loss of urine from the bladder (urinary incontinence) or bowel motion, faeces or wind from the bowel (faecal or bowel incontinence).

Don’t suffer in silence

Urge, Stress and Mixed Incontinence affects over 4.8 Million Aussies, that is nearly one-quarter of our population!

While there are variations and levels of Incontinence, many are in fact reversible. Incontinence be it Bladder or Bowel is still largely a ‘suffer in silence’ condition due to social stigma. We at Elle TENS Australia want to help change that.

Our Elle TENS pelvic floor stimulators:

So let’s get into and answer some of those questions you may have!

We have all heard of Kegels, these are manual pelvic floor exercises. Kegels work wonderfully if you contract the correct muscles, and remember to do your exercises 3-6 times daily. If they are working for you that is great, keep it up!

If not, read on about how the SensaTONE Pelvic Floor Stimulator, will allow you to target the right muscles every time in a simple and efficient way and what makes our SensaTONE stand out from the crowd.

SensaTONE for Women and Men features:

The Elle TENS SensaTONE Pelvic Floor Stimulator is a medical device that uses TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles from the comfort of your own home.

Some of the key features of the Elle TENS SensaTONE Pelvic Floor Stimulator include:

The Elle TENS SensaTONE Pelvic Floor Stimulator works by sending electrical impulses to the pelvic floor muscles, which helps to strengthen and tone them over time. It is a safe and effective way to improve bladder control, reduce the risk of pelvic organ prolapse, and improve sexual function as well as social confidence.

The SensaTONE for Men provides muscle stimulation for strength, control, stability and performance. It also tackles the problem of incontinence in men who have experienced prostate issues focusing on

Urge, Stress and Mixed Incontinence affects over 4.8 Million Aussies

I’m not sure what type of Incontinence I have! What settings do I use?

Firstly it is always recommended to have a chat to your health care professional if you are suffering from Incontinence but here is a quick rundown on what the different types are:

Urge incontinence

The SensaTONE urge incontinence program is used when you experience a sudden urge to urinate and cannot make it to the bathroom in time. It is often caused by weak pelvic floor muscles or an overactive bladder. You should notice a difference within 2 weeks of using this program 1-2 times a day.

Stress incontinence

Our stress incontinence program can be used when the pelvic floor muscles are weakened, causing urine to leak out during activities that put pressure on the bladder, such as coughing, sneezing, exercising, jumping on the trampoline with our kids……..

As the muscles become stronger, they are better able to support your bladder and urethra, reducing the risk of urine leakage. Stress Incontinence improves slowly with building muscle fibre and nerve sensitivity so you will need to be patient and stick with it.

You should notice a difference within 8 weeks of using this program 1 time a day or every other day depending on the severity.

Mixed incontinence

Mixed incontinence is a combination of stress incontinence and urge incontinence and we have a program just for this!

As it is a combination of Urge and Stress incontinence issues, it can take slightly longer, again please be patient.

You should notice a difference within 3 weeks of using this program 1 time a day.

After care program

Our after care program is a maintenance mode to be used after you have been using the SensaTONE on a regular basis and noticed improvement on your condition.

This program can be used for up to 15-30 minutes per day at your discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sensatone is recommended if you are experiencing symptoms such as urine leakage, difficulty controlling your bladder or bowel movements, or a sensation of pressure or heaviness in the pelvic area, you may benefit from using a pelvic floor stimulator.

Pelvic floor muscles can be weakened as a result of pregnancy or childbirth, menopause and for men with prostate issues.

However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and to determine whether a pelvic floor stimulator is an appropriate treatment option for you.

SensaTONE is a pelvic floor muscle stimulator that uses electrical impulses to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles and mimics the natural signs the body uses to contract and relax the muscles which strengthens them and improves bladder control.

The amount of time it takes to see results can vary depending on the individual and the severity of their condition. However, many people start to notice improvements after a few weeks of regular use.

The sensation can vary from person to person, but it is often described as a mild tingling or pulsing sensation. Others may have a more intense contraction or pressure in the pelvic area.

Yes you can increase or decrease the intensity of the pulses to your comfort leve
No, not until 12 weeks post birth.

There are no known side effects.

Yes, SensaTONE can help with both stress and urge incontinence. We have specific pre-program settings for you to use.

Depending on the type of Incontinence, it can be used 1-2 times per day.

The SensaTONE probe should be inserted vaginally or rectally, depending on the intended use. There is no precise orientation of probe.

While Adult Diapers certainly have a place, these are needed for severe conditions, we believe (and it is clinical proven) that in many cases the pelvic floor (which are a big set of muscles) can be reconditioned, retrained and strengthened so individuals can regain full control of bladder and bowel and be in control again.
No, you can use whatever lubricant you prefer. We stock BIEN Intimate Gel which works wonderfully with the SensaTONE while being Water based and with no nasties, the texture replicates naturally occurring vaginal lubrication.
Yes, you can, however you will need a different lead for the connection to the probe.

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Health Rebates for TENS Machines in Australia

Did you know you can claim the cost of your Elle TENS machine on your private health insurance?

Tens Machines commonly attract rebates from health insurance providers. Each provider has a different policy of course and this can change frequently. After you place an order, you will automatically receive a PDF copy of your invoice which will include the relevant information you need from us to support your claim. Some providers may request a provider number or for your claim to be submitted manually.

We have provided the most recent rebate information on some of the more popular private health providers here.

Do I need a doctors referral?

Many health providers require a letter of support from your doctor or medical professional who is looking after you so it is wise to have this in advance.

What if TENS isn’t mentioned in my health insurance policy?

Be aware that a TENS machine may also be referred to as a Health Aid or Health Appliance in your policy and it can be under your extras package.

It is best to contact your health insurance provider directly to find out more about what rebate you can claim, the supporting information you need to provide and the best way to put through your claim!

Private Health Cover can cover some if not all of the cost of your SensaTONE pelvic floor stimulator (TENS). Contact your Health Care provider to see how much you can claim back.

Depending on your form of Incontinence you may be eligible for funding from: