TENS & EMS Machines for Pain Relief

"Back in the Gym within 3 days" ~ Manu Feildel

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"If I get muscle pains, Elle TENS is the way to go and I would recommend it to anyone" - Manu Feildel

3-in-1 Combo Units - TENS, EMS, Massage

Chronic or ongoing pain can affect any part of the body, most commonly the back, neck, knee, and shoulder. TENS and EMS machines help with managing pain, rehabilitation from injury and improving muscle performance. Providing an effective, safe, drug free option to pain relief and muscle recovery.

Our range of 3-in-1 Combo units have three functions TENS, EMS, and MASSAGE. With 22 pre-set programs, the intensity of the unit can be adjusted independently and applied individually to one or more body parts.

TENS helps relieve chronic nerve, muscle or joint pain including back pain, arthritis, neck, knee pain and more. EMS helps relax, strengthen and repair the muscles after an illness or as part of rehabilitation from an injury. MASSAGE is designed to relax muscles and decrease stress.

By combining TENS, EMS, and MASSAGE functions within the one convenient and portable device, our 3-in-1 Combo units ensure the right treatment at the right time to aid a faster recovery. View our range below:

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