TENS Machines for Labour & Pregnancy

98% of women who use our devices have reduced labour pain

TENS Machines for Labour & Pregnancy

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Boost (use during contractions)
When experiencing a contraction, simply press the Boost Button once and release. This is the big button located at the top right of the Elle TENS unit. It gives you an extra surge of power you will need for your contractions.

Using the contraction timer (Elle TENS 2 & Elle TENS Plus)
The first time you press the Boost Button, it will automatically trigger the Contraction Timer (CT). This measures the duration of your contractions in seconds.
Once the contraction has passed and the Boost Button is released, the unit will trigger the Between Contraction Timer (BCT) which measures the time between contractions.

The Opti-Max Key
This provides extra versatility. Increasing or decreasing the Opti-Max Key will allow you to either heighten or lessen the level of pulse power. This is extremely useful for the final stages of labour when you need an extra surge of power. There are 5 Opti-Max levels: 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250s (microseconds).

Pelvic Floor Stimulator
The SensaTONE designed for use by women and men of all ages to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles and to treat incontinence. Like all other muscles in your body, the more you stimulate them, the stronger they become.

One in three women suffers from some form of incontinence during her life. It can occur at any time, most commonly after childbirth.

Private Health Insurance
TENS Machines commonly attract rebates from health insurance providers. Each provider has a different policy of course and this can change frequently. There are also different claiming processes from provider to provider so it’s best to check in with your health provider regarding your eligibility to claim.

How the Elle TENS devices work

TENS Pain Relief, before, during and after Labour.

Specially designed for mums-to-be, TENS machines for Labour provide a safe and effective form of natural pain relief. Labour TENS machines are highly effective and portable, allowing you to remain mobile and in control throughout your labour and beyond.

Also referred to as Pregnancy TENS, Maternity TENS or Obstetric TENS, our award-winning range of labour TENS machines offer the full spectrum of support for mums-to-be. And with exclusive Opti-Max Technology, you’ll receive an extra boost of pain-reliving power during the most painful contractions.

When discussing your birthing plan with your midwife, obstetrician or doula, a TENS machine can provide you with the confidence to take control of your pain relief from the very beginning of your labour.

TENS Machines for Labour & Pregnancy

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