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Cheaper to buy than rent

One of the most appealing benefits of buying an Elle TENS machine is the for substantial private health fund rebates. Because our devices are licensed by the TGA, the vast majority of health funds recognise the therapeutic benefits of Elle TENS and offer generous rebates of up to 100% of the purchase price.

There when you need it

Buying your Elle TENS machine means it’s available anytime you need it. Whether you want to get familiar before labour, a flair up in pain or an unexpected injury, you can use your device without waiting. When you are in pain you want relief, now!

More than one reason

Elle TENS machines are versatile and have a wide range of settings for use for various challenges. Whilst you might become familiar with tens machines for one reason, in future you can be assured that either you, a friend or a family member will have another. When you buy a machine you will can use to help yourself and others, it becomes a crucial addition to a household wellness toolkit.

Privacy and Hygiene

When you own your TENS machine you get assraunce of the highest levels of hygiene and privacy. Considering the personal use of a tens machine, removing the need to share a hired machine with strangers, removes any concerns about cleanliness and comfort.

Long-Term Savings

Think of every time you or someone you know has had an ache, period pain, sore back, dodgy knee, pain in their shoulder, had a baby or suffered incontinence. Rather than hiring a machine each time to speed up recovery, you can now save your time and money and just pull it out of the draw. While hiring might seem cost-effective in the short term, with health care rebates the cost might actually be zero.

Just how you like it

When the Elle TENS is yours you can truly personalise your experience. You can buy and store different size electrodes and accessories so that you can use the device when ever and where ever you like. You can become familiar enough to adjust the settings to match your needs, vary the electrode placements to determine exactly what works best for your personal situation.

Just say no to drugs

Buying an Elle TENS machine is a purposeful investment in your well-being. It’s a readily available tool that can empower you to be in control of your pain management or incontinence therapy whenever you decide, providing a sense of freedom and peace of mind without the need for medicine.

Make the Right Choice

We believe that owning your own TENS machine is an easy choice for anyone seeking pain relief, labour support, or incontinence therapy. The savings, convenience, versatility, hygiene, health fund rebates, and the chance to become familiar enough to customise your experience make it a great investment.

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