SensaTONE for Men - Elle TENS Australia
SensaTONE for Men - Elle TENS Australia
SensaTONE for Men - Elle TENS Australia
SensaTONE for Men - Elle TENS Australia
SensaTONE for Men - Elle TENS Australia
SensaTONE for Men - Elle TENS Australia
SensaTONE for Men - Elle TENS Australia
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SensaTONE for Men

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The SensaTONE for MEN is an ultra simple, yet powerful digital Pelvic Floor Stimulator (PFS). This compact, stylish unit has been designed for use by men of all ages to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles and to treat incontinence.

It works by passing mild electrical pulses via an internal anal probe to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles. Like all other muscles in your body, the more you stimulate them, the stronger they become. Men with strong pelvic floor muscles enjoy greater bladder control.

SensaTone for Men Pelvic Floor Stimulator

It is estimated that one in every seven men experience some form of incontinence during their lifetime. Incontinence can strike at any age, burdening younger and older men and reducing their quality of life.  

SensaTone for Men is medically approved. SensaTone for Men is easy and effective in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. SensaTone for Men stimulator is designed to prevent and control symptoms of incontinence by strengthening pelvic floor through stimulation induced passive and effortless pelvic floor exercises.

Incontinence is one of the major problems brought on by pelvic floor weakness, its symptoms can be reduced or eradicated by pelvic floor strengthening through regular pelvic floor work out.  Stimulation mimics muscle exercises and helps men develop strong pelvic floor. Men with strong pelvic floor enjoy greater control over their bladders and bowels.

During electrical stimulation, mild electric pulses generated by the stimulator unit are delivered to the pelvic floor via anal sensor (i.e. anal probe) to induce repeated contractions and relaxations of the muscles. This effortless and passive pelvic floor work out leads to gradual increase in muscle strength, muscle tone and muscle firmness, progressively reducing the symptoms of incontinence.        

Mode D is an additional Mode used mainly for After Care. This means that you can use it after you have completed your treatment with the Mode A, B or C designed for your type of incontinence. Alternatively, you can use mode D regularly for maintenance after your incontinence symptoms subside and your condition has improved.

Male pelvic floor
SensaTone for Men is also suitable for treating Faecal Incontinence and Nocturnal Enuresis. However, you should do this after consultation or under supervision of a medical professional (i.e. continence physiotherapist or continence nurse), who will determine the best treatment mode for you to use.   

During stimulation treatment with SensaTone, you will feel gentle tingly sensation of the electrical signals contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles.  You can adjust the intensity of the signals up or down to your personal preference, ensuring that you do not feel pain or discomfort during treatment.

SensaTone for Men kit
SensaTone for Men is simple to use. It is a battery powered stimulator to be used with an anal sensor Anuform (provided with the device).  You will find simple instructions on Anuform insertion in your user manual.

SensaTone for Men kit consists of the SensaTone unit, Anuform anal sensor, connective lead wire, neck cord, 5g sachet of Aquagel lubricant, 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries, user instructions and a storage bag.

Please Note: Pelvic Floor Stimulators may be covered under Private Health cover. You will need to contact your provider to see what benefits you have.

SensaTONE for Men User Manual - Click Here (pdf 450 KB)

5 year warranty

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