Constance Hall thanks Childbirth for her ‘Wee’ Problem.

Australian Blogger, Freedom Fighter and Queen lover, Constance Hall certainly knows how to grab our attention with her honest, funny and sincere approach to life, love, children and relationships. This Queen, engages with women on a level that is open, honest and she just says it how it is. Lets be honest we love that!

Last week, I read her FB post about her ‘wee’ problem. It starts out pretty romantic with Con and her beau Denim tiptoeing through a forest with her knight in shining armour giving her a piggy back. In a very brief post, Con explains that she wee’d on Denim when she jumped on his back!

“Thanks Childbirth” Con says!

Embarrasing… yes, does it just happen to Con….No!

Of course I had a giggle, but it got me thinking about my pelvic floor and my near misses just like the 26 thousand women who responded to that FB post. Con’s honest post just made me feel even more passionate about how incontinence really affects women especially after childbirth and also how much I admired Con for posting her experience.

All too often we brush the issue of incontinence under the carpet because we are too busy and we make the usual excuses that we have all heard before. It’s pretty sad that we are okay with the fact that we wee, when we sneeze, laugh, jump on the trampoline with our kids and even if we go to the gym or for a run. These are all the things we enjoy doing and yet most of us do nothing about our problem, sometimes we would rather avoid these activities than deal with the real issue.

More than 4.8 million Australian’s experience bladder or bowel control problems – that figure is not just women its men also and it’s a huge number of people!

You can of course use pads for the rest of your life, but why not see a doctor, a physio or use a pelvic floor stimulator…..do something to improve your quality of life, so each time flu season arrives you are not crossing your legs every time you have to sneeze.

Imagine the freedom of not having to think about it or worry about it everyday, not having to plan where is the nearest toilet?

It’s time for action and its time to get that pelvic floor in order!

There are heaps of resources available online – Continence Foundation of Australia being one. Start those conversations with your doctor or physio, they can help you to find your pelvic floor, show you how to do pelvic floor exercises properly or suggest a pelvic floor stimulator like the SensaTONE which will exercise the pelvic floor muscles for you.

There are lots of aids on the market like the SensaTONE or it may be that you just need to do your exercises like you brush your teeth – part of your daily routine.

Not only do pelvic floor muscle exercises help with bladder and bowel function, they reduce the risk of prolapse which often involves surgery to remediate. Women recover quickly from natural childbirth  and C-sections and even better it will increase sexual sensation and orgasmic potential and who doesn’t want that 😉

What are you waiting for? Take control of your Pelvic Floor today.

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