TENS Information

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) works by passing mild electrical impulses through the skin, via electrode pads, into the nerve fibres which lie below. It is a drug-free method of pain relief and is safe to use with other analgesics.

The TENS pulses help your body produce its own pain killing chemicals, such as endorphins. The level of pain relief obtained varies from person to person.

There are two pain relieving mechanisms adopted by TENS:

  1. The first pain relieving mechanism is to generate electrical impulses of higher frequency to stimulate skin sensory nerve fibres to generate “touch” signals. These “touch” signals when they reach the brain can suppress the pain signals and hence reduce the pain sensation. Pain relief achieved by this mechanism is fast but short-lived.
  2. The other pain relieving mechanism is to use electrical impulses of a lower frequency to stimulate the production of natural pain-relieving chemicals called “Endorphins” in the brain. Pain relief achieved by this mechanism is slow but will last longer.

Our TENS machines can be used to treat numerous pain conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, sciatica, sports injuries, migraine, period pain and post operative pain.

Our Labour TENS Machines are the choice of mums to be, as a highly effective drug free pain management device.  Our machines can support you from the initial stages of labour to delivery stage. The integrated easy to use Boost button assists mums in labour by providing additional surge of intensity during a contraction.

Make sure you review the feedback we have received on our devices from mums who have used them for their labours.

Our range of medicial  devices have all undergone Australian (ARTG) approval and passed international standards in health compliance, quality, durability and several consumer specific design awards.







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