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Elle TENS 2

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Our Elle TENS 2 is specially designed to support mums with their labour pain and post-natal needs. Elle TENS 2 is a highly effective and easy to use compact machine that will leave you calm, empowered and supported during your labour.  

All settings are pre-set so you can focus on you and your baby, the attached neck cord allows you to move around freely and make the most of your labour positions. 

Our Elle TENS range puts you in control, allowing you to stay at home for longer or use it all the way through your home birth.  

The unique integrated Boost button (your new best friend!) supports you with each contraction wave, you can also give your birthing partner the responsibility of pressing this button for you when you are needing focus. 

It has all the award-winning features of the Elle TENS, plus a contraction timer, recording your last 5 contractions and the duration between them, which birthing partners love too.  

With a new, updated user interface and a backlight for low light settings, the Elle TENS 2 is a favourite among mums and midwives alike as it focuses on all the best part of the labour features of the Elle TENS Plus.   

Our exclusive Opti-Max technology is what sets Elle TENS products apart from other maternity TENS in the market. It gives you an extra reserve of power for when you really need it most, especially in the final stages of labour. 

Depending on your level of cover, you may be entitled to claim up to 100% rebate on the cost of the Elle TENS 2 machine. Any potential rebates will be listed on your policy under health aids or appliances. You may require a doctor’s letter to obtain your rebate and you may need to a receipt from your purchase.  

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Elle TENS 2 is an award winning tens device

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How It Works?

Elle TENS 2 is a Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device designed for labour, providing drug-free pain relief to support a natural birth. 

Burst modes – between contractions
Elle TENS 2 has two burst modes. The burst mode is to be used between contractions. It feels like a pulsing, tingling sensation with the pulses coming on and off and on periodically. This mode will help to promote those all-important natural pain-killing chemicals known as ‘endorphins’ and ‘encephalins’.

The first burst mode is generally used during early stages of labour with the second burst mode used when contractions become more frequent.

Boost modes – during contractions
Elle TENS 2 also comes with two boost modes. The boost mode is for during contractions. By pressing the easy to access boost button you’ll receive an extra surge of power required to combat pain during contractions.

The first boost mode is used during early labour with the second boost mode when contractions become more frequent.

Contraction timer
The added feature on the Elle TENS 2 when compared with the original Elle TENS is the contraction timer. Each time the boost button is pressed for a contraction, the Elle TENS 2 will automatically trigger the ‘Contraction Timer’. This measures the duration of your contractions in seconds. Once the contraction has passed and the Boost Button is released, the unit will trigger the ‘Between Contraction Timer’ which measures the time between contractions. This provides vital information for your midwife.

Download the complete Elle TENS 2 User Manual ↓

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  1. Perfect partner for achieving a drug free labor. The tens machine got me through the worst contractions during transition, until I was ready to use the shower and birthing tub. My contractions immediately started at 3 mins apart (straight into active labor when I woke up). My husband had to assist me with the application of the pads and the relief was instant. The boost button especially deserves a standing ovation. Although by transition time the tens was continuously in the boost mode.

    I do recommend a tens for everyone. From helping to get through those early labor surges at home to people who want to achieve a drug free labor.

  2. Saved my labor!. Amazing device. Put this on from onset of labor and didn’t take off the whole time. Highly recommend!

  3. My saviour – highly recommend . I purchased the Elle Tens 2 in preparation for my daughters birth last September. I was a little sceptical at first but after hearing from a few friends that it was worth using, I thought I would give it a try. I wanted a drug free labour and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without this amazing little machine! It was incredibly helpful and really got me through all my contractions right to the end. It’s very easy to use and I loved that I could increase the intensity as my labour progressed. I don’t think I could have got through labour without this little machine and I know it’s the first thing I’ll be packing if I’m lucky enough for a “next time”.

20 reviews for Elle TENS 2

  1. Zhuoning L.

    Definitely worth trying! Good shopping experience.. I have used this tens machine a few months ago for my first childbirth. To me this tens machine was helpful relieving the pain of birth to some extent and make it possible for me to deliver my baby without epidural. I was so glad that I had bought it. I am planning to use it again for my future childbirths! The price of this device is affordable and I will definitely recommend it – its a drug free pain relief method, worth trying. By the way, the customer service was great! The overall shopping experience was good. Thank you 🙂

  2. Tanita C.

    Amazing!. I brought my TENS weeks before I went into labour. I put it on from the minute my contractions started at home all they up until right before I was 10cm and pushing! I had it on for about 26 hours. Was so comfortable to wear, sitting/ walking/ laying in bed. Was very effective for pain relief. Highly recommend for labour! My partner has even found it useful for his back and shoulders ??

  3. Ashleigh K.

    i don’t no how i would have gone without this AMAZING!. I loved having this during labour really does help and i have lent it too all my girlfriends. Very highly recommend it!

  4. Camilla R.

    Life saver in labour . I used my tense machine in early labour before getting into the pool, what an absolute lifesaver couldn’t have done it without it. I almost cried when I had to take it off to go in the pool

  5. chanelle G.

    Amazing machine!!. I made it through labour without any medication with this machine! Could not of done it without it!

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• Elle TENS 2 device

• Pack of 4 self-adhesive maternity rectangle electrodes (40mm x 100mm)

• 2 x lead wires

• 2 x AA batteries

• Carrying pouch

• Easy-release neck cord

• Instruction manual

• Quick start guide

• A Women’s Guide to Drug Free Pain Relief, by Dr Gordon Gadsby

• Electrode placement chart

Elle TENS 2 is delivered to customers in Australia free of charge. Express shipping can be purchased for $18.

Standard Delivery to our customers in New Zealand is $20 AUD, or $35 AUD for Express Delivery.

Returns & Refunds
If your Elle TENS 2 device is faulty or damaged on arrival, we will provide a full refund or replacement. Please contact us at sales@elletens.com.au.

The Elle TENS 2 comes with a 2 year warranty.

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