The Obi TENS is simple, versatile and perfect for those painful moments during labour. It is one of the most effective, portable, affordable TENS machines available today.

The Obi TENS can also be used for post labour pain such as shoulder, back, period pain and much more.

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The Obi TENS uses an ancient art of electrical nerve stimulation to naturally improve the body’s response to pain. It is one of the most effective, portable and affordable TENS machines available today.

The Obi TENS’ versatile design means you get the tailored pain relief you deserve. It has pre-set modes for bespoke responses to varied intensities of pain. Pulsing sensations are administered via two pairs of electrodes, which can be easily adjusted for the mid-back or lower-back to control pain effectively.

This device also includes an integrated boost button, which stores an extra reserve of power for when you really need it. You can count on the Obi TENS to support you during those final stages of labour.

Every level of stimulation you get from the Obi TENS is entirely safe, non-invasive and free from unwelcome side effects. It does not impair your body’s natural responses to childbirth, so you remain in control the entire time.

For an ultimately empowering birth, the Obi TENS allows you to administer your own pain relief, using your own bespoke settings. And its discreet, compact design means it won’t get in the way. You can use a neck cord or a tough rotating clip to keep the controller in reach, and a large LCD screen will clearly display your settings so you can move up or down a mode accordingly.

The Obi TENS will even remain useful long after labour. It can be used to deliver gentle relief for postnatal pain including shoulder, back and menopausal discomfort.

When to use your Obi TENS machines for Labour?

Obi TENS can be used from the onset of labour.

Simply apply the 4 pads to your back as shown in the instructions and turn on Obi TENS . You will feel a pleasant pulsing sensation; this will help to increase your own pain relieving chemicals known as endorphins.

The Obi TENS has a single channel to control intensity over the mid and lower back. When experiencing a contraction, simply press the boost button for the extra surge of power needed to combat the pain. When the contraction ends, press the boost button again and it will automatically return to its previous level.

The Obi TENS can also be used for post labour pain such as shoulder, back, period pain and much more.

Obi TENS Manual(pdf, 1.09MB)

Key Benefits

  • Dual channel
  • Pre-set modes for ease of use
  • Integrated boost button
  • Post natal pain relief
  • Opti-max for extra pulse power
  • Neck cord for mobility
  • Tough rotating belt clip
  • Large LCD display

What’s Included:

  • Pack of 4 electrode pads
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 leadwires plus 1 spare
  • 2 x AAA Batteries plus 2 spare
  • Soft carrying pouch


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