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Our Elle TENS is the first and original of the Elle TENS Range which incorporates our patented Opti-Max Technology.  

This award-winning labour TENS device is so perfect, it influenced the creation of the Elle TENS 2 and the Elle TENS Plus.  

This natural form of pain relief is right at your finger tips from the moment your labour starts. It is easy-to use, allows you to stay in control and focused, while keeping control of your labour pains all from the comfort of your own home.  

Our Elle TENS integrated Boost button is a life saver – check out our reviews if you don’t believe us! It is part of the device which makes it so easy to use when a contraction wave starts.  

If a natural labour is part of your Birth Plan, then the Elle TENS will support you all the way from early labour to delivery. You can use it with all your movement and labour positions and compliments hypno and calm birthing techniques.  

Our exclusive Opti-Max technology is what sets Elle TENS products apart from other maternity TENS in the market. It gives you an extra reserve of power for when you really need it most, especially in the final stages of labour. 

Depending on your level of cover, you may be entitled to claim up to 100% rebate on the cost of the Elle TENS machine. Any potential rebates will be listed on your policy under health aids or appliances. You may require a doctor’s letter to obtain your rebate and you may need to a receipt from your purchase. 

Find out more - Check out the Health Provider Rebates List.

Elle TENS is an award winning tens device

Purchasing a TENS machine? Receive 35% off Maternity and TENS electrodes. Once you've added your device to the cart, you will see the discount applied.

How It Works?

Elle TENS is a Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device designed for labour, providing drug-free pain relief to support a natural birth. 

Burst mode – between contractions
Elle TENS has two burst modes. The burst mode is to be used between contractions. It feels like a pulsing, tingling sensation with the pulses coming on and off and on periodically. This mode will help to promote those all-important natural pain-killing chemicals known as ‘endorphins’ and ‘encephalins’.

The first burst mode is generally used during early stages of labour with the second burst mode used when contractions become more frequent.

Boost mode – during contractions
Elle TENS also comes with two boost modes. The boost mode is for during contractions. By pressing the easy to access boost button you’ll receive an extra surge of power required to combat pain during contractions.

The first boost mode is used during early labour with the second boost mode when contractions become more frequent.

Opti-Max technology
The revolutionary Opti-Max technology adjusts the depth of the pulses – upwards or downwards. This is particularly useful in the final stages of labour or when you may need extra power. Opti-Max Technology is featured on all of the Elle TENS Labour TENS devices.

Download the complete Elle TENS User Manual ↓

Happy Customers

Elle TENS Product Reviews

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  1. Helped me through one of the most hardest moments!. The tens machine really helped me through each contraction. Having control and not relying on others to administer made a massive difference I felt like I could do it when I needed to. My only change would be to have two sets of pads so if you sweat break them you have at least a back up. But otherwise I’m Soo glad I bought this and now I’m wondering what else I can use it for!

  2. Elle TENS . Great little gadget, easy to use & great customer service.

  3. Fantastic Product. Bought this for my wife to use during labour. Excellent product, good quality, nice design, straightforward to use. Will likely keep it after the birth for any muscle or back aches.

38 reviews for Elle TENS

  1. A Metcalf

    Found this a great help!. I don’t normally write reviews but just had to add to the comments made on this product I found this a great help make sure you read the instructions to use all the functionality’mode 2_ is needed in progressed labour!

  2. Kelly1979

    I couldn’t have done it without the Elle TENS. I never write reviews but have just given birth to my baby girl and got to 9cms on the Elle TENS machine alone. I couldn’t have done without it.

  3. Amy Renolds

    Essential! Absolutely brilliant. Essential! This is an absolutely brilliant product. I used this for both pregnancies and it made a huge difference, even having control over some of the pain made a difference. I think it just helps to distract you to stop you thinking about the contraction. I would have done anything to help me disguise the labour pains.

  4. Stacey1990

    It did an amazing job. I had this for both of my labours, my first was only 10 hours long but it helped me manage the pain, specially the boost button, I had a completely natural labour and birth without any other form of pain relief (I’m a huge wimp so it shows how good it is), the same went for my daughter and 22 hours of labour and birth without any other pain relief, not even gas and air. It did an amazing job at helping manage the pain although when it came to the pushing stage I kind of forgot it was on boost until they were born.

  5. Teresa

    This should definitely help. Bought this in preparation of my first babies arrival, reviews look good and as I’m definately not having an epidural this should hopefully help with those first stages of labour

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• Elle TENS device

• Pack of 4 self-adhesive maternity rectangle electrodes (40mm x 100mm)

• 2 x lead wires

• 2 x AA batteries

• Carrying pouch

• Easy-release neck cord

• Instruction manual

• Quick start guide

• A Women’s Guide to Drug Free Pain Relief, by Dr Gordon Gadsby

• Electrode placement chart

Shipping, Returns & Warranty
Elle TENS is delivered to customers in Australia free of charge. Express shipping can be purchased for $18.

Standard Delivery to our customers in New Zealand is $20

Returns & Refunds
If your Elle TENS device is faulty or damaged on arrival, we will provide a full refund or replacement. Please contact us at sales@elletens.com.au.

The Elle TENS comes with a 2 year warranty.

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